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EDX modules list Empty EDX modules list

Post by TheGeneral on Mon 04 Mar 2013, 10:48

To date the modules that work with the EDx are as follows:

Random Spawn
Active Placables
Mortar bunkers
simple bunkers
Complex bunkers
Coop MP
helos insert

Now, you may be wondering where the hell these are at the moment??? they are almost almost ready for release apart from the first three which are already available in the EDx when you download it. the rest are in the final stages of tweaking. Whilst I have been building my mission small things have been adjusted here and there to to make things alot more slick when it comes to the modules working to the mission makers advantage.

For example: the active placeables module was just a simple prop set spawning module, it now has the function to allow you to place any particle effect you want in game and have it run when you enter a zone and turn off when you leave the zone. All you need to do is make sure the naming of things are correct and they are placed in the desired and correct sets to work for that zone.

What is planned is that they are to be released altogether and you can enjoy mission making to your hearts content.

Sorry for the delay folks but they are coming!

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