Library Scripts and EDX?

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Library Scripts and EDX? Empty Library Scripts and EDX?

Post by Regg on Sat 30 Mar 2013, 01:39

tvig0r0us, you can probably answer this one.....

I really like your approach and methodology to module design and the EDX altogether Smile

I chatted with tjdagger for quite a while about basically keeping the module scripts as read-only, (almost) fully debugged code. Then using EDX:registerFunction() to expose the necessary methods, and EDX:distributeFunction() for any custom event callbacks. With that in mind, has any thought been put into using the "Library Script" object? I know it says they can't handle events, but that's what they said about Secondary Scripts Wink

Considering all the effort and time going into these scripts, it makes sense to keep them read-only. If you set up and control the whole mission from the level script, that should be the only place for bugs. Thoughts?


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Library Scripts and EDX? Empty Re: Library Scripts and EDX?

Post by Guest on Sat 30 Mar 2013, 05:41

There are several factors that make library scripts impractical for incorporation into the edx. For one I haven't done any research into how the game handles them and what kind of event handlers are passed to them if any. The level script should not be used because there are several event handlers that had to basically be rerouted to the waypoint script in order to make them available to all secondary scripts. That rules out scripting entire missions on the level script, which is less practical after the mission grows past a certain point. It's difficult enough giving people a basic understanding of the edx and why it's beneficial to use it. I don't think complicating the issue any further would benefit anyone. Last but not least, I just don't feel like doing the work and testing involved with adding library compatibility to it.

That said, it's not out of the realm of possibility, but its probably not worth doing either, considering the only benefit would be read only status for the script itself. In reality, that would make the edx harder to code modules with since you would have to edit the script externally then run it in the library to test it. I don't see any upside in that.

Anyhow... those are my thoughts on that. Basically if it ain't broke, don't fix it Wink

Cheers Very Happy

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