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Hi Folks!

I thought it be the right time to bring out another blog, nearly a month has passed since the last one. This month I thought you guys might find something a little bit interesting, so I dug my way into the mind of TJdagger and asked him a few questions about the game and what makes it such a choice of his to play.

First off though for those that are not aware, here is a little profile of the man I have had the pleasure to know over the past 2 nearly 3 years from being apart of the DR community.

TJdagger a.k.a Tim Heise, is from a small community in the sticks just two hours west of Brisbane, Australia. He is the father of six kids and devoted husband. His trade is in graphic design and he has an addiction! Dragon Rising!

If you have played missions such as Grenade Bunker training, SFGW, D-Day, Operation Nighthawk, then you will have played one of his many contributions towards Dragon Rising and the community.

When Tim first picked up Dragon rising he had no clue on programming for games. Through sheer determination and lots of headache he has now amassed a wealth of knowledge to be able to delve deep into the code that runs the game we are all here for.

His works include those mentioned above and notably most of the modules that are released on the forum for the EDX. But imho his best piece of work was the stealth code written for Operation Nighthawk, (although he might think!). He is always looking for ways to make things easier for not just himself to be able to function the editor, but the community in general.

His dedication to the game is one that should be regarded as phenomenal in some respect. Given his home life from looking after 6 kids and owning nearly a zoo, with a ton of animals wandering about. It is surprising how he has managed to stay devoted to DR for such a long time and bring out some really amazing things.

Where some have come and gone, TJ continued on and has become one of the leading community Dev programmers for Dragon Rising. Before this he was asking the questions, now he is answering them, he is always on hand for coding advice and knows the game very well.

Over the past month I asked him a few questions on some matters about the game.

Here is what he had to say:

what made you play Dragon Rising?

From the get go I was intrigued by the editor... a large 25km square island of possibility. I used to tinker with the Doom editor back in my teens and enjoyed it more than the game itself.

what is your favorite mission and why was it your choice?

I hardly remember DR’s original campaign as I only played it through once. I was inspired by an uncompleted mission called “mercenaries”. It set up the premise where the player was to perform a series of actions and engagements to earn cash to buy weapons and vehicles... the mission didn’t work, but the concept was good. As for my favorite... it is usually whatever I’m currently working on.

Mission Editing is a big part of the Pc game, what drew you to want to create such a diverse range of ideas for the PC release?

I started out making PvP mission for the kids and I to play, whack a few entities on the map and away we’d go. A lot of Ideas came from the kids saying things like...”it would be good if you could...” or ...”what if you made it so...” etc.

    As I got more confident with the coding language and developed an understanding of the games internal workings the ideas came more freely driven by a lot of ...”what if?” and ...”how could I do this or that?...”

    Once I started releasing a few missions and got involved in the DR community, new ideas came from discussions and feedback from other members.

Out of all the things you have created what would you consider to be your best piece of work to date?

I particularly like the “Mortar Bunker Module”. It has been rewritten at least 3 times and is one of my oldest concepts. I like that it adds an atmosphere of fear.

But most of all I just love the logic and complexity of all the factors that come into play in order to fire single mortar. The fact that it works via “line of sight” and is so easy to use in the module format. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of editing?

Getting my head around the fact that I can learn coding and it’s not “too hard”.

With the creation of the Editor Expansion Kit, what has been the one thing that you really liked about it?

Secondary Scripts, without a doubt. Gone is the need to write, navigate and keep track of 5000-10000 line scripts. The fact that you can separate code logic into self contained modules makes life so much easier. It allows you focus on and scrutinize the finer details... cause that’s where the magic happens.

    I also love that Tvig0r0us took some of the rudimentary functionality and made them into easy to use functions. Things like time of day and weather control etc, which should have been done by CM in the first place.

What would you give as the one piece of advice to anyone starting DR editing for the first time, and Why?

If your totally new to coding as I was when I first started... then I would suggest to just get started. You won’t know what you need to know until you discover you don’t know something. The only way to find out is to get started... and then ask questions or do some reserch.

    I know most of the old members are trolling the forums almost daily and love to share their knowledge and ideas. So don’t be shy, the only dumb question is one not asked that still requires an answer.

With the unfortunate events that have encircled the game since its release, do you think the game will survive for some time, now that the game is supported more by the public instead of Codemasters?

The game will survive as long as people want it to. While people like us still enjoy playing and tinkering with it, then it is alive and well.

People will either love the game or hate it. Just like I like fried German Sausage on toast with rosella jam and others don’t, doesn’t make my preference right or wrong.

With the loss of the Quazal Servers and the MP capability the game had, would you like to see a better way of being able to loddy matches and woudl you like to have more TvT or PvP games hosted again?

To be honest I hadn’t been involved in much MP until after the servers went down. Without decent internet service in my area, Co-op is ok but PvP are really laggy.  

I think Tunggle offers a good lobby for player to meet up. Personally I hook up on skype to play/test missions and concepts.

I do believe the forum is a great place for like minded people to connect and develop friendships. A more “public” arena potentially invites “nonsense” players, better to play with friends.

I do however believe a good group chat program is essential for quality team play.

PvP is an area I started out in with my own kids on our little home network... there is loads of potential to be explored and developed, and much fun to had.

Is there anything you are working on at the moment that you may be handing out to the community within the next 6 to 12 months.

My biggest problem is time. Not enough of it to indulge in DR.

I have many, many ideas at various stages of development. Most focus on taking complex logic and formatting it into easy to use modules. Other are more about the logic itself... “what should happen in this situation”... and so on.

I find it very difficult to say... “right, this is final and ready for release”. I am constantly learning and discovering new way to do things... it’s like “how deep is the rabbit hole?”.

I do want to release a couple mission concepts to test out various things and hopefully get some community feed-back, which will help to develop better module for release.


So folks I hope you enjoyed your read! I'm sure you will see something pretty damn cool coming release-side soon from the other side of the world.

If you want to see his missions for real you can get them here:

The Perfect Plan

D-Day Airfield Assault

Operation NightHawk

Dads Mercs


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tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


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Great Job!

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