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Post by dewi316 on Sat 19 Apr 2014, 15:22

Any coders out there fancy this challenge?, I wanna get the evenings darker so as you cant see 800m at night. I've sort of achieved this by turning the Gamma down in the Options / Graphics.
You can check out the effect by playing This is War, and using the Hotkeys to change the time of day at 20.00hrs the game starts too get dark, with the troops switching on there torches, this is when I'd like to start the effect to turn the Gamma down to say 30% making the whole game go darker. At 21.00hrs then turning the Gamma down to say 10% enhancing the effect, with you've guessed it zero Gamma at 22.00hrs.

These are just basic guidelines so you get the idea, with the process reversed as the game gets lighter towards the morning, I've been told this may be possible obviously this would have to be tied in with the in game clock. Also ideally this mod would be best so as in multiplayer game if the host machine is running this mod all players screens would be the same, like an ultimate AI mod or Bigger explosion mod.

I hope some of you try adjusting the Gamma settings at night too see what I mean, it does slow the pace of the game right down as you find yourself looking for muzzle flashes and adds a whole new dimension too the game. Also night vision goggles will now make sense as you can only see 150m at night, if someone makes this happen it'll be a superb mod that I guarantee most DR fans will use.

Please  leave some feedback as to what you think!
                                                                            cheers Dewi.

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Night vision Empty Re: Night vision

Post by nfmz1 on Sun 20 Apr 2014, 16:02

sounds like a plan Dewi! darkness always makes things creepier as well.


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