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Post by TheGeneral on Sat 06 Sep 2014, 09:46

Hi all! 

I see again there is a sale on all cm titles through steam. This has given rise to some new members to the forum. Welcome to you new guys. 

If you have not played this game before, reserve judgement on the negative side people give the game. We have all the content you need that will make you enjoy DR alot more than playing just vanilla.

There are some things you will need to do to though before you try and play some of the custom content. 

You need the patches for starters to get the latest up-to-date 1.02 version. Some also require a Hotkey application that gives you additional functionality. Also if you are hoping to create your own missions, may i suggest using the editor expansion kit. 


More information on the patches can be found here.


Hotkeys App:

Some missions require the hotkey app to give additional functions and enhance you gameplay.

HotKey APP

Custom Missions:

If you fancy a go at some missions, try this top five:

This is war.
Operation nighthawk.
Squad level tactics
Perfect Plan
Island War

OFDR MissionBank (skip the add after five seconds)

Editor Expansion Kit:

The Editor Expansion Kit was created by our very own long standing and Veteran DR member Tvig0r0us. He has opened up this game a great deal for the community and alot of credit goes to his endless hours of work. The EDx (for short) is basically turning the vanilla editor into a modular editor. If you don't know what that means then you basically only have to adjust a couple of lines of code jump in game and things should happen. This could be a heli drop off, random unit spawn in various areas, vehicle patrols, Lighting enhancement in buildings, what ever module has been made you can use it, but there is a limit of about 11 modules at any one time allowed to be used and that is at a push.  10 if you want it to be comfortably. you still need to have a basic understanding of how things work in the editor and probably good to get to know some of the way LUA (coding language) works. 

For an example of how a modular mission works may I suggest A Perfect Plan by TJdagger. You could say he is Tvigs right hand man when it comes to the Edx as he has spent a long time creating modules for the EDx and credit where credit is due has done a great deal of work to help enhance this game.

For More Information You Can Find It Here!


Now, here is the crunch with DR nowadays. THERE IS NO GLOBAL MP ANYMORE!

BUT, you can still play MP via a LAN connection and still enjoy playing COOP or PVP to an extent. 

The way it works is by using the LAN connection menu in Multiplayer. One player has to host a private server and then gives the remaining players their IP address. those remaining players will then input the IP in the address field and connect to the host. THIS DOES WORK! Myself and other members here are spread around the world as far out as Australia. I'm from the UK and we regularly played COOP or PVP that way. 

There are alternatives though, like Hamachi or Tunngle, but beware of teamkills etc whilst playing on those servers unless you get in on a good bunch. 

Hope this information has been of use to you and if you have any questions please feel free to ask, even help make the forum and game revive by posting and promoting where we are.


MD (Forum Creator)

tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


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