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Got an itch? Empty Got an itch?

Post by John J. Stevens on Fri 12 Jun 2015, 10:20

For those out there that have an itch to publish a game, Steam is having a great sale on LEADWERKS INDIE a LUA based 3D gaming engine - exports to cross platform (Mac/Win/Linux) without royalties - for the $25US they have it on sale currently it is worth investigating. Very Happy

Know C++ get the upgrade for an additional $25US.

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Got an itch? Empty Re: Got an itch?

Post by TheGeneral on Fri 12 Jun 2015, 14:13

or if you don;t know C++ thn you cn always learn it at Udemy. they have excellent sales on courses which are a lifetime course. 

Pay £12 (uk) and you can learn all kinds. I got a course worth over £300 for £12. check them out. they also have course on game dev too using unity and unreal etc. 

Good find JJ, chat to ya over the weekend.

tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


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