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Post by TemplarGFX on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 11:46

AutoHelp 1.0

DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Drive)
(Click the arrow at the top to download)

HOW TO INSTALL : Simply unzip this file into your Operation Flashpoint installation folder (where OFDR.EXE lives) and replace all existing files.  Restart the Mission Editor

Welcome to AutoHelp by TemplarGFX! 
AutoHelp provides contextual help on every function and command available in the Lua Editor, right there IN the editor!

This project began as a simple fix to the Lua Editor to include all the commands, 
and ended up as a complete overhall of the syntax, auto-complete and help system!

As a bonus, I 'converted' the aiconfig.xml, dispersionsystem.xml and weaponusagevalues.xml files into Library Scripts for easy access when using the AI commands

The project ended up focusing on five areas :

Syntax Highlighting
Some areas were lacking with the original Lua editor, such as not highlighting hidden functions, and not recognising onTimer commands.
This has now all been fixed!  Beyond that, all the auto-complete entries have their relevant representations in this system for contextual highlighting
Also included is a contextual function and variable naming system for highlighting variables on-the-fly.
For custom functions, beginning with the form 'do' (in-place of the built-in functions 'on') will allow declaration and call highlighting of your custom functions
For variables, the MS standard dblWord/intWord/etc is supported, word_word type, OFDR type wordWordWord is also supported, and finally varWord can be used

Not only are all the OFP:, debug: and on... commands included, but the LUA math, string, table, io, os and core libraries are also included
OK, so not all lua commands are covered, just those most likely to be used in Mission Editing (i.e. most). Such as only a handful of OS commands are included
When Auto-Complete appears, left-click once on any entry to view its short description to find out what its for.  double-Click to insert the function/command in full into the editor

AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor WcSUQR7

Using the way in auto-complete works, I was able to include several highly useful custom functions (with full autoHelp support).
They are accessed by typing zz.  As they insert a function, ensure this is done outside of any already declared functions :
doLimitValue - Limits the input value to the specified minimum and maximum.
doPointDirection - Returns the direction in degrees between two vector positions.
doPointDistance - Returns the distance between two vector positions.
doPositionByDirection - Returns a table containing (x, y, z) coordinates in the specified direction at the specified distance).
doFindInGroup - Find a member of a group within certain distance limits to the specified unit.
doLog - Log information to a file in the game's install folder. Includes Different Modes, and On-Screen display.

General AutoHelp
Typing '?' will allow you to access this and other detailed help pages to assist with editing
Included are categorised tables of built-in values and AI function extended help.
Choosing one of these from the auto-complete will insert a LARGE amount of commented text into your code. 
Ensure you do this on a new line!

Function / Command AutoHelp
I was frustrated with the incomplete and incorrect nature of the included help file, where it was frustratingly vague on some of the most important features and missing others entirely!
But editing the help file itself is another project on its own, and I wanted an easier way to access the information, and so I came up with an easy method of exploiting the auto-complete system.
Every function now has one or more additional arguments called 'function help'.
Each argument listed for a function in the built-in help system now includes more information (where appropriate) about how the variable is used by the function, and its defined values (if any) the final argument(s) can be accessed by inserting another ',' after the last true argument.  
This will display the summary from auto-complete or more in-depth instructions for more complex functions and commands ALL game functions and all the LUA functions are fully documented (argument and help info taken directly from's 5.1 Reference Manual)
Due to the limitations of the built-in help system, more in-depth help required multiples 'pages' which are accessed by inserting additional ','s
REMEMBER to delete the additional ','s when you are finished with the help!

A little over 1400 function/command's are included and mean you should not longer require searching for information on any command!
They are all displayed within the auto-complete system so typing 'math.' will display all the available math commands, or debug: will show all the hidden commands.

AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor OSL1fMH


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AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor Empty Re: AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor

Post by tvig0r0us on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 14:07

Very nice... looks like I'm going to have to do an EDX update that the EDX commands along side of this. Nice work!

Cheers Very Happy

AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor Nst_tv10

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AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor Empty Re: AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor

Post by TheGeneral on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 00:29

Wow! Is all I can say.nice work dude.

tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


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AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor Empty Re: AutoHelp 1.0 for the Mission Editor

Post by runerback on Tue 22 Dec 2015, 11:34

Thanks a lot. This will help more people.


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