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Replacing sounds of game Empty Replacing sounds of game

Post by runerback on Sat 26 Dec 2015, 02:47

Tools download link is at the end.

1.Open *.fsb file with FsbExtrator.exe

2.Order by Index and then remember the Sample Name list( or check in FsbExtrator at anytime).

3.If you just want to replace part of sounds, Extract all sounds to a folder, then replacing some of them with same name (or any name).

4.Create a text file, write down the files path list, one file one line. Remember to order by Sample Name mentioned before. Save it.

5.Open FMOD Sample Bank Generator, which path is "FMOD Sample Bank Generator Ex 1.68/fsbankex.exe" in the folder I uploaded.

6.You also can use bat file to generat fsb file. 

7.Most of the time it works. If new sound file are too big such as 5Mb and origenal file is only 15Kb, it failed, just no any sound of this fsb file will be played, but game dose not crash.

8.I am fairly certain I have lost the "FMOD Sample Bank Generator" installer file, so I just packed the files together, I hope it works.

Download Here


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