Bit of a clean up done

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Bit of a clean up done Empty Bit of a clean up done

Post by TheGeneral on Tue 29 Dec 2015, 13:43

Runerback your file editing topics I have noticed have been placed in General discussion. Its no problem you doing that. I figured a little bit of a name change might help organise a couple of threads. 

Previously I have Mission Editiing as a forum page, this might throw confusion with it sounding like it is soley for "mission editing". I have now chagned that to OFDR Editing due to some of the work you have ddone and the results achieved. Your topics are now in this forum. So anything you care to do in respect of the file editing please set up your threads there from now on. 

There was another thread I moved to tech support regarding Ip and multiplayer access online. This thread is pretty quiet now, but has vital info for others so it will remain undeleted. 

No threads have been deleted as yet, but I might have a rummage around to see which ones are out of date and not valid anymore. 

Having the latest topics list on the left of the forum pages I think has proved vital to finding out with quick access what is new so you don't need to filter through the forums pages to find the latest thread, carry on as you were soldiers, just a slight clean up and shuffle is needed at the moment. 

I would (if you all don't mind) like any of to to point out a couple of threads (if any) which you think might be worth moving etc. Just to keep things clean etc. 

Keep up the good work fellas. 



tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


Bit of a clean up done Nst_md15

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Bit of a clean up done Empty Re: Bit of a clean up done

Post by runerback on Tue 29 Dec 2015, 15:43

Thanks. I'll remember next time.


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