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New accounts not activated Empty New accounts not activated

Post by TheGeneral on Fri 21 Oct 2016, 09:48

It has come to my attention that a number of new accounts have signed up for the forum since July. 

For some reason I have not been getting the account activation email due to a user activation button being applied in the admin settings. I have not done this, as I haven't adjusted any settings in the admin panel for a long time. There is two things I can think of that has done this without me knowing. 

1. a Forum update I have possibly not been aware of.

2. Some cheeky **** has hacked the site and thought it'd be funny to mess with things. 

The only person who has access to the admin panel should be myself. If option two is the case and I discover that an active user has access to the  settings, the will be banned with immediate effect. All details will be blocked. If this continues after I have discovered the cause of the settings mishaps, the forum will no longer run and I will close all access.

the new accounts that were registered since July can you please pm me to say whether you have access or not.


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New accounts not activated Nst_md15

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