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Post by ddeo on Tue 15 Aug 2017, 08:58

I would like to start discussion about possible Linux and Mac ports of Dragon Rising and Red River. If You have any Linux/Mac friends who would like to play the games let them know ports are possible, but not available currently. Games currently work through Wine, but lets aim for more native port as the performance will be much better.

I would like to introduce #THEREQUESTINATOR and Feral Interactive company who are making Linux/Mac ports of all kind of games. There is also Virtual Programming company, which made already port of Arma 3 (by the time of writing this post it is in beta stage, available on Steam but not marked as LinuxSteamOS/Mac game).

Above link is heading to facebook fanpage of Feral Interactive, from time to time they do ask people what kind of game community wish to port. I've (my name is Darek Deoniziak) already replied with Dragon Rising and Red River titles with short explaination.

There are many other games, why DR and RR are possible pick?
It is because Feral Interactive and Virtual Programming already ported many Codemasters games, some of titles are:
Dirt Rally (Feral Interactive)
Dirt Showdown (Feral Interactive)
Grid: Autosport (Feral Interactive)
Overlord I and II (Virtual Programming)
new Micromachines (Virtual Programming)
... and probably something else, I remember I've seen Wiki list somewhere, but couldn't find it now.

Grid and Dirt games do run on EGO or similar engine, so DR and RR have part of technology already ported.

Other reason is Linux/Mac do lack of games like DR and RR. Arma series are military simulations, I am sure it is fair to write that DR and RR aren't, these games have more in common with Battlefield series when it comes to realism or gameplay feeling (although DR is much slower and more tactical than Battlefield, but no more than Project Reality). Linux/Mac community do wish to have Battiefield ports if you read through comments of #THEREQUESTINATOR, but I feel like DR and RR is more possible because of Codemasters current politics and because of engine both games are using.

So once again, let friends know about #THEREQUESTINATOR, it is also available also through:

I have replied on Twitter too, but haven't commented on Reddit, enough spam from one person. Wink


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