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I need some Smaple Missions

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I need some Smaple Missions Empty I need some Smaple Missions

Post by iceman11a Wed 20 Dec 2017, 02:44

I wanted some sample missions using lua. Just to try and get me some what started again. It's been a while.

1) Players team gets on a helo and get drop off. Follow way point and then get pickup again. That's it.
2) Players team 1 meets up with team 2 that's spawns from trigger. Both teams follow waypoint and team 2 gets despawned from trigger.
3) Load 3 teams into hummers and follow waypoint. Go towards a town. team 3 dismounts and walks into town. team 2 and Players team 1 go around a little bit and dismount. Teams 1 and 2 follow waypoint into town. Spawn 3 bad guys.
-- The rest is up to you.

4) A sample of using tanks. Attack helo's, Players calls in helo's to attack tanks. Make is simple as possable.

These 4 samples would give me some ideas on using lua. I'm going over the lua code from the samples from the mission editor. It's been a while.  So wish me luck. Last thing is I been looking for some video tutorials. The ones i did find need a mic. I just need something to show me how to setup a map and so on.



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