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EDx tuts through Skype Empty EDx tuts through Skype

Post by TheGeneral on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 14:15

When the modules get released what anybody be interested in a hands on tutorial of using them?

This has proved a nifty way of helping someone out using the internet. You will need to have skype obviously and you would share your screen with the tutor. Tjdagger and I were chatting to dewi316 the other night and guiding him through a few little things for his pc and touched on the editor. The following night I gave dewi a full lesson using the editor and showing him the various things in it, then going on to playing with the edx and using the modules.

This got me thinking that Skype is really beneficial for this kinda thing if you are having any issues with Editing, need Tech support or anything else. all you would do is share your screen and we can see what you are doing and guide you through things.

Some might say using Team viewer would be the way to go, but the down side I feel is that you as a learner would not get the experience of actually doing it yourself if someone else was to take control of your screen as the temptation to do that would be there.

I' always on Skype, so is Tjdagger, with Timezones taking effect of things over the forum, there is more than likely a good chance someone would be available 24/7. Obviously we would have to take into account our personal lives , so if no one is available send a pm or post in the forum etc and we can sort something out.

There is a group chat option so if you wanted to do a group chat, and one person did the editing and you all watched that screen and did the same sort of thing on your own pc then you would still be benefiting.

What do you think guys???

tvig0r0us wrote:Thanks to everyone that has supported and stuck with OFDR along the way. It is a great game and is largely under appreciated, but those of us that love it are happy to have others to enjoy it with.


EDx tuts through Skype Nst_md15

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EDx tuts through Skype Empty Re: EDx tuts through Skype

Post by dewi316 on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 16:12

As im totally brand new to PC gaming, I had some really basic issues with missions, and hotkeys and the like.
Fairplay to Mdog and TJdagger they talked me through it and sorted all my files and mods out. As mdog said we went onto the mission EDX stuff and even i understood some of it "the very basics"
So all of you mission editor Wizards will get this very easy, if you've got problems running a mission give them a call it could save hours of frustration. The guys were very helpfull from the very basics to the more indepth stuff, give them a buzz looking forward to playing some cracking missions cheers dewi.

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