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Post by TheGeneral on Sun 12 May 2013, 23:56

This documetation is part complete. The reason for this is that the author had that many commands to write about, there was simply too much to think about. You will see why if you look at the new commands list in the EDX kit.

What this documentation details is what the EDX is, why it was created, installation, How to use the new EDX:prefix, Timers and there functionality in the EDx, using Eventhandlers.

If you are well adversed at programming for OFDR and are considering making modules for the EDx then this documentation will be handy and you will probably make some sense of what the text decribes.

If you are more inclined to just make missions then at the most part you will probably stop reading after the first chapter on timers and how they are now used in the EDx.


I hope this is useful for you all and that you get some use out of it. Even if it was just interesting reading.



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