Real Life USMC SpecOps?

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Real Life USMC SpecOps? Empty Real Life USMC SpecOps?

Post by JurekCello78 on Sat 02 Apr 2016, 21:36

Something i stumbled upon while ago, when visiting Youtube for some military content. Look closer at around 5:00 until 5:40 (grassy, windy islandish environment plus ViperĀ  What a Face ... if only tactical vests and helmets were darker and some Volcano ... maybe in the distanceĀ  Wink) ... Anyway nice video to watch.
P.S. I did know such thing as MARSOC and Force Recon existed before i watched that vid, it's just so nice to see real Mullholland, Fernando, Morales, Winters in one video kicking real asses Wink .

Real Life USMC SpecOps? Nsz-0110

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Real Life USMC SpecOps? Empty Re: Real Life USMC SpecOps?

Post by tvig0r0us on Mon 04 Apr 2016, 03:17

Very nice!


Real Life USMC SpecOps? Nst_tv10

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