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New Section added to the boards

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New Section added to the boards Empty New Section added to the boards

Post by TheGeneral Sat 23 Dec 2017, 09:56

This new section of the forum is to give a breath of life in the OFDR community alittle bit. Yes the forum is as alive as a thawing out Neanderthal, but I thought it might be worth a try to generate some sort of interest for you all. 

There isn't just OFDR that is a tactical shooter. I know I set up a forum for the DR/Arma side of things, which I think I might clean up and ditch. Its not been used in a very time and things didn't quite work out on that project. So for example, Arma can go in this section of the forum and have its own catergory. If you require a section to be created for a particular game that you want you discuss, report about, recruit, or arrange a meet up, let admin know and they can sort out setting up a section for that game. 

If we can keep the forum succint and linear then it will be less of a challenge for people to go hunting things down.

Each game will have its general discussion areas, but also with this, I would like to note that this is just general discussion. not for arranging meet ups, that would be in another section. 

I'm thinking along the lines of this type of base forum for each game. 

   General discussion ------(Only discuss arma related topics here)
   Recruiting ----------------(Only for recruiting players if you want to setup a group, not for arranging random game nights)
   Meetups ------------------(Only for arranging random game nights or setting yourselves a set game night to play, Not for recruiting)
   Tech support -------------(Speaks for itself really)

So if you have a game in mind that you want to have added to this section contact admin and they can get one setup for you to do with that game. Keeping it short and sweet in this sections stops it being high maintenance. The games will already have a deep routed fan base and devoted forum specific to each game, so you can hop between the two forums. This is merely for the OFDR community that float by and think of either discussing something to do with said game or hooking up with other players to play said game. Simple really. 

Post your game ideas below and admin can sort the rest out.

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