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Hello. New here. Any good mods on PC?

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Hello. New here. Any good mods on PC? Empty Hello. New here. Any good mods on PC?

Post by VibroKnife Thu 14 Nov 2013, 23:14

Hello everyone! I bought OFDR in March of this year when it showed up in my reccomended section on Xbox 360. After doing some research on it I bought it and have been having a lots of fun ever since. Since then, I've gotten a ton of my friends (at least 7) to play it especially me and my buddy, Connor (his gamertag is AKA RED GLORY) and we play almost everyday. We usually play co-op and sometimes the multiplayer which can be really fun. We've both bought the DLC which is really good. I recently bought OFDR on PC as well. And my friend is going to get a PC soon so he can DR on Steam. I hope to be welcomed to this community.

Also, does anyone know good mods for the PC version? Thanks.


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Hello. New here. Any good mods on PC? Empty Re: Hello. New here. Any good mods on PC?

Post by TheGeneral Thu 14 Nov 2013, 23:31

Welcome Vibroknife!

there are plenty of "mods" for DR but, don't go thinking you can create new factions and edit textures, add new vehicles because we can't and lord knws we've tried.

However, if you are into editing and fancy your hand at that, there are plenty of things you can add into a mission there that. I have made an A10 mod which you drop into the editor and can use for CAS.
there is also better AI which will enhance you gameplay. plus make them harder to beat.

Better lighting.

The list is long but limited. So have a look at this link here:

Complete user mission Store and Mods.

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