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Anybody playing on xbox 360?

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Anybody playing on xbox 360? Empty Anybody playing on xbox 360?

Post by Waterfallninja Sat 16 Aug 2014, 05:29

I know, I know. The 360 is kind of bad. But it's all I have for the time being. I've taken a liking to this game after my friend suggested it to me, and was pretty disappointed to see that the multiplayer aspect (at least on the 360 console) is about dead. I have a few friends to play dragon rising with but not many, and I was wondering(i didn't see any topics) if anybody plays DR on the xbox 360 that might want to play with me? If so you can shoot me a message here or even send me a friend request on Xbox live, my gamertag is: waterfallninja3

I'm new the community here, I spent a bit looking around, and as expected, the community seems pretty mature, which is great. Hope I can find some players.


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Anybody playing on xbox 360? Empty Re: Anybody playing on xbox 360?

Post by Brus525 Sun 17 Aug 2014, 02:37

I'm not on much but my gamertag is "brus525."  There are actually ways in certain missions to make them more "free roam."  There is a specific mission where you rescue POW's in a PLA convoy as a spec ops team.  Once you rescue them, you can go in almost any direction and there are PLA as opposed to heading in the "right direction."  It's not much but that's just an example.  Usually the spec ops missions are like this.


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Anybody playing on xbox 360? Empty Re: Anybody playing on xbox 360?

Post by JurekCello78 Sun 17 Aug 2014, 10:03

Hi guys, I'm not 360 player but about "Looking for Lois" mission, I remember back in the days when I've played it on game's version 1.0 (4 years ago) and could somehow jump into PLA jeep (one of the convoy) and roam even around radio station before some PLA shot me down through the front window Very Happy.
   I assume it was one of the game's bug/glitch. Usually player shouldn't be able to use any vehicles in that mission, unless....you could manage to damage somehow APCs stationed in Skoje in a way so crew would disembark...but that's just speculation, since PLA vehicles can have "virtual crew" (saving unit count via Mission Editor). Anyway this game allows sometimes for fantastic brainstorm about "which route/direction take to complete the mission without too many losses".


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Anybody playing on xbox 360? Empty Re: Anybody playing on xbox 360?

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